Monday, April 18, 2011

Great Content Topples Other SEO Tactics in Organic Search Results

Dominating the search engines are exactly about content. Every SEO guru knows the fact that content really matters most as they have been attempting very hard to optimize web pages just for the search engine per se. Most SEO novice suffer the pitfall of forgetting the end users. Your audience are human readers not machines. It is only but paramount to put importance on thir welfare when putting up a page has to be written for them as well as design your web pages optimally for search engines to achieve SEO nirvana.

Unique content is always an essential in building successful websites. In SEO, allocating search phrases in the H2 tags, title and bold web coding tags not only facilitates good readership to identify the topic of a page easily. On top of it, these techniques aid in optimization considering that search engine takes into account of the keywords when utilizing these tags.

Many freelance writers are concerned about the perfect keyword density for your maximum benefit of SEO. Unfortunately, there are no difficult figures for a ideal keyword percentage. The main factor when creating content is to make it understandale and unique. As long as the content is readable, there is no need to follow a collection percentage of search term density.

Designing a website to facilitate the actual indexing by the search engine robots is another important factor to take into consideration next to content creation. A website with rich written content without being indexed by Google bots is equivalent to absolutely no content at all. To aid the search engines to find the web page, the navigation system and sitemap play critical roles here. You should have text links navigation so that robots can spider every one of the internal pages easily. Avoid using JavaScript and thumbnails as navigation methods because most bots can ignore them. However, your designer can always add a set of text hyperlinks at the bottom of the site where these kinds of routing system are used to get over this issue.

Some search engines like Google or Yahoo attribute great increased exposure of the content near the surface of a page. Therefore, it is advisable to design the layout such that the content looks appropriate to other parts in the page. One example is to use the content first CSS template; it enables the navigation show up on the left of the page followed by the information but the content is the first to appear inside the codes. This method helps search engine bots to recognize the important content of your page and list them since they are put near the top of a page. Another easy work around is to employ a right side navigation menus.

If you still don't know it, the ultimate purpose of search engine optimization is to make sure that the actual designated content seems in line with the specific search engine results. Producing the content that is readable, user-friendly and relevant to the readers would attune an easy indexing within the search engine results. This necessarily should be an initial priority for website owners in order get the intended positions in the search engines. It's all about good content first before anything else.


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